Top Digital Marketing Tips for 2016

We are now on the brink of game changing year of 2016. The year of wearable devices, the year of robots, the year of drones, the year of smart home and offices appliances and the year of new cutting edge technologies in information technology. Likewise, digital marketing will see new and powerful trends in the first quarter of 2016. These are:

  • Mobile

The number of users accessing the internet via mobile devices continued to rise above desktop in 2015. 51% of Smartphone users have discovered a new brand, product or service when searching via their mobile.

For 2016, mobile will be a key focus within the digital marketing arena, where a lot can be learnt about user behaviour from Google’s ‘micro-moments’: the identification of the complex consumer journey for mobile devices.

  • Content & Relative Keywords

In 2016, content will still lead as King. All brands develop their strategy with effective content marketing campaign to keep engage with their target audiences.

Relevant keywords in website and social media are now producing wow results. SEO experts now know everything about potential customer then before. If you haven’t sat down and really analysed this, 2016 is definitely the year to do it. Understand exactly where your main target audience is located, their gender, their age range and how they engage with your product or service – and then use this to create a marketing strategy that really appeals to your stakeholders, whilst driving results.

  • Promotional Videos

A short video provides an engaging, informative and shareable platform to promote your brand, message or content in an easy-to-digest format.

YouTube receives one billion unique visitors each and every month.

Over 4 billion video views happen on Facebook every day.

Video will continue to grow in popularity for 2016 and should be a focal point of all digital marketing campaigns. If created with some innovation and pushed across all relevant channels (based on analytical data of course!), you will be guaranteed great results.

By: Shakil Ahmed, Creative Director at Sarah Creations

Jan, 05, 2016